Five Saharawi HRD brutally assaulted by Moroccan occupation forces in El Aaiun

Equipe Media

Occupied El Aaiun 24-11-2022

On  23 November 2022, Moroccan police and paramilitary force, , surrounded  Damber’s home.

to prevent them from  commemorating the anniversary of the killing of their son Sa’aid by Moroccan police and nobody was held accountable for his death.

Five of the activists were wounded, one in the head

The police violently beat many people who tried to join the meeting , severely beating any persons they managed to catch, violently broke into and damaged Dambers house,

In a video interview with Equipe Media  Mariam Damber said she and her mother were tortured by police officers through beatings all over her body.

 Another human rights activist Mina Baali had been stripped of her remaining clothes and threatened with arrest.

Saharawi journalist Salha Boutengiza who were also present to cover the meeting told Equipe Media she has been beaten severely and scratched by the paramilitary forces

people with disabilities have not been excluded from this repression , Sa’aid Hadad also was beaten dragged and slapped.

Since Sa’aid assassination in 2010, Dambers keep organize a monthly meetings to honor his memory.

refused to compromise  and all kind of pressures to concede to their demands  which are conducing autopsies and forensic examination and to resist impunity and establish the Moroccan state criminal responsibility

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