“Letter Urges Spanish Minister to Address Plight of Sahrawi Political Prisoners”

Concerns raised over Spain’s silence on Western Sahara during diplomatic visit

Equipe Media – Madrid


In a strongly worded letter, Cristina Martínez Benítez de Lugo, a participant in the Movement for Sahrawi Political Prisoners, has called on the Spanish Minister to take action regarding the dire situation of Sahrawi political prisoners. The letter criticizes the Minister’s recent visit to Washington, where discussions with US Secretary of State, Blinken, apparently failed to address the pressing issue of Western Sahara.

In the letter addressed to the esteemed Minister, Ms. Cristina Martínez expressed disappointment that such an important matter as Western Sahara was not discussed during the diplomatic visit. She raises concerns over the potential scenario of the issue being addressed but not being made public, describing it as a worrisome sign. The absence of any mention of Western Sahara in the Ministry’s official records is highlighted as a matter of great concern.

The issue of Western Sahara carries significant weight for Spain, considering the despotic betrayal by the country’s president and the detrimental consequences this has had for Spanish businesses due to tensions with Algeria. Moreover, Spain is reminded of its responsibilities as the administering power of the non-self-governing territory of Western Sahara, obligations outlined in Article 73 of the United Nations Charter. These obligations include promoting the well-being of the inhabitants and safeguarding their protection against abuse.

However, the letter accuses Spain of not fulfilling these obligations, but instead colluding with Morocco to the detriment of the Sahrawi people. It emphasizes the dire conditions faced by Sahrawis living under occupation, enduring constant harassment and mistreatment by occupying forces. The letter particularly highlights the suffering of Sahrawi political prisoners, who face unjust imprisonment, torture, and unfair convictions in Moroccan prisons.

The absence of any mention or concern for these political prisoners is denounced by the letter’s author, who warns the Minister and the government that neglecting international legality will have repercussions. The letter concludes with a stark reminder that Spain’s inaction on this issue will come back to haunt both the Minister and the government.

As the Movement for Sahrawi Political Prisoners continues its advocacy efforts, the plea from Cristina Martínez Benítez de Lugo serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for Spain to address the situation of Sahrawi political prisoners and fulfill its international obligations.

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