Equipe Media hacked.

Equipe Media is committed to breaking the Moroccan media blockade and bringing the reality in Africa’s last colony to light. As a major source of reliable information in that territory, Equipe Media plays a vital role in providing accurate coverage.

We strongly condemn the recent malicious attack and hacking of our official TikTok account by Anonymous, as well as the continuous assaults on our website and social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube. These deliberate acts, which started two days ago, have severely hindered our technical team’s access to our official site and accounts. It is evident that these attacks aim at silencing Equipe Media and at impeding our reporting on the situation in occupied Western Sahara.

For over 14 years, the Saharawi media organization Equipe Media has been dedicated to reporting on the events unfolding in occupied Western Sahara. We refuse to be silenced by these flagrant attacks. The perpetrators must immediately cease their actions, allowing us to continue our crucial work.

Equipe Media also denounces the conviction of its journalists Bachir Khadda and Abdallahi Lakhfaouni, along with the correspondents of the Saharawi National Radio, Mohamed Lamin Haddi and Hassan Dah, Hmetou El Kaouri from Smara News, Khatri Boujamaa Dadda from Salwan Media, and Essabi Yahdih founder of Algargarat Media, unjustly imprisoned due to their peaceful activities.

Journalists must be protected. They must have the freedom to carry out their important work without fear of persecution or imprisonment.

It is crucial that the people of Western Sahara is enabled to access the information they require to make informed decisions about their future, and that the international community knows the truth about the situation in occupied Western Sahara.

Equipe Media, May 25, 2023

El Aaiun, occupied Western Sahara

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