Mysterious Explosion in Occupied Smara Sparks Controversy Amidst Rumor Mill

Equipe Media

Occupied Smara, Western Sahara – June 9, 2023

Equipe Media has reached out to eyewitnesses to inquire about the aftermath of the mysterious explosion that occurred in occupied Smara. They have obtained a video showing the site of the explosion hours after it took place, revealing a deep crater and smoke on the walls of the communication center. However, no accurate or reliable information is available to disclose the nature or causes of the incident.

According to witnesses, a luminous object was seen hovering in the sky for a few seconds before the early morning explosion. However, they were unable to determine the nature of this object or its relation to the explosion.

Speculations among the Sahrawi citizens have grown regarding the cause of the explosion and its aftermath. Multiple rumors have circulated, suggesting possible causes such as a meteorite impact or battery meltdown in the network. Nevertheless, there is currently no confirmed information regarding the causes of the explosion and its repercussions.

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