Occupying Forces Launch Attack on Sahrawi Protesters over Vehicle Tariffs in El Aaiún

Equipe Media

15 July 2023

A group of Sahrawi individuals organized a protest on last wedensday in front of the customs administration in occupied El Aaiún. The demonstration was a response to the imposition of new tariffs on vehicles with European number plates, which the protesters regarded as unjust and burdensome.

The peaceful protest, driven by concerns and demands of the Sahrawi people, quickly turned into a violent encounter as the occupying police and paramilitary forces launched an aggressive attack to disperse the demonstrators. The occupying forces utilized forceful measures, resulting in numerous injuries among the protesters. Furthermore, during the brutal crackdown, one individual was arrested.

The Sahrawi people, who have long been striving for self-determination and the recognition of their rights, continually face challenges in their pursuit of justice under the occupying forces. This incident serves as yet another illustration of the systematic repression by the occupiers .

nternational human rights organizations have repeatedly called for an investigation into the excessive use of force by the occupying authorities against peaceful demonstrations in Western Sahara. However, Morocco has been shielded from accountability by its powerful allies, and the perpetrators of these abuses continue to enjoy impunity.

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