Grotesque trick of Morocco to whitewash the Jaya affair

Today Moroccan occupying forces withdrew from Sultana Jaya’s house. Sultana, excited, called her relatives and friends to come and visit her. At last! The siege was over.

False alarm, the police guarding the door had withdrawn shortly because a team from the CNDH, the Moroccan National Council for Human Rights (a state body) was coming, in a make-up operation to which Sultana did not consent. She did not even receive them. You are part of the occupation, she scolds them from the window, with two SADR flags, and how can I expect you to tell the truth?

In the meantime, the occupying forces, not far from the house, beat three people who were trying to get to Sultana’s house. They were her nephew, Chaikh El Hella Khaya, and two women, Zainabou Babi and Rabab Khaya.

Ten minutes later, the forces besieging Sultana returned, as usual.

In the photo published by a Moroccan website, you can see the CNDH delegation in the street, without any police. This website wanted to show that Sultana talks nonsense. Clumsy montage.

EQUIPE MEDIA – El Aaiun – February 14, 2022

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