Moroccan brutality supported by the Security Council

After 2 days, the Security Council resolution on Western Sahara ignored the human rights situation in the territory and failed to establish a human-rights monitoring mechanism owing to political pressure from France.

Moroccan occupying police and paramilitary forces have continued the practice of suppressing and persecuting Saharawi activists.

Today, October 31, 2021, a group of Saharawi activists including women survivors of Moroccan secret jails in Agdez and Kela’at Megouna, and other human rights defenders were trying to participate in a peaceful demonstration in commemoration of 46 years of Moroccan invasion and illegal occupation of their country.

The demonstrators have been subjected to torture, humiliation, abuse and beating by well-known persons who have been indicted for serious crimes against Saharawi.

“This irresponsible action of the Moroccan occupying power is clearly attested by its negative response and defiance of the Security Council resolutions which called on to respect the rights of Sahrawi to peacefully express their political views. It brings shame upon France, who strove to serve the hostile designs of Moroccan illegal occupation”, said Najat Knaibila, a Saharawi Human Rights woman activist who spent 16 years in a Moroccan horrible secret jail.

Equipe Media, occupied Western Sahara

31 October 2021

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